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Tuesday, July 17, 2001
05:01 p.m.

Whew. Whatta weekend.
Friday: work, ICQ fun, get lost driving around Edmonton looking for Fluffy's apartment, spend the night at Cel's apartment kicking myself for not knowing my city better. Also forgot to pay my MasterCard bill. O_o

Saturday: Fluffy and Raptor pick me up, Fluffy gets a $140 speeding ticket on the way to fetch my brother and TNM (yow!), we drive out to Camrose, settle ourselves into the glorious atmosphere of Stage 13-ness, discover water costs the usual 4 bucks a bottle and find some free drinkable water.

First band we watched was called Morning Maker, who sounded a lot like Eve 6, then we went off to watch the Worst Singer competition, which Fluffy just about entered except they didn't have a karaoke copy of Alanna Miles' 'Black Velvet' for her to do in. Then we heckled a good-natured street performer who could do the Jareth-David-Bowie thing with his hands and five crystal balls and watched him whirl a flaming baton.

Next band up was Static in Stereo (uhh...), then the Grapes of Wrath, who I rather enjoyed (kinda folksy and laid back). Then we bought over-priced tubesteak and poutine and Pepsi and ate while we walked around.

We missed most of Nickelback's performance due to the eating, but the part we caught, I thought they sounded a lot better than they had when I saw them open for Creed last year.

Then there was the discovery that we were all horribly sun-burned and a race back to the car to slather on sunscreen (which ultimately didn't help against various funny tan patterns...). It took us half an hour to get back in since the line was so long and the pat-down people were in such a rush they let MF hang on to his tiny Leatherman multi-tool which otherwise might have caused much consternation. Up next were The Watchmen, who played a great set. I don't like 'em much onthe radio, but they're good live. Then 54-40 who were actually rather boring, with the exception of the perky female backing vocalist named Coco. She had a cool voice. :)

Then there came Collective Soul and we dove into the pit as far as we could go. The lead singer is so energetic and looks like he's having a great time, playing with the mic stand and dancing (who says white men can't dance). And I loved the casual borwn leather outfit the lead guitarist was wearing. They were very good- the part I saw at least. Somewhere about the middle of the set, I had a crowd surfer or two dropped on me, got booted in the head and thank god for my wonderful friends who carried me out of the moshpit and over to the helpful paramedic people. Fortunately I wasn't hurt bad, just very dizzy and not likely to go back into the pit. I've never particularly liked the idea of crowd-surfing- you have to watch for the buggers more of the time than you spend watching the band onstage- and now I like it even LESS. >:( But enough about that. On to the mighty TEA PARTY.

They took to the stage as subtly as ever, to massive cheers none the less. The opening song was Temptation, which is probably their best known song. I leaned up against the sound booth wrapped up in a blanket with Raptor and the sun set and night came down and I didn't notice cause I had discovered that despite the fact many metres seperated us, I was more-or-less directly in line with Jeff Martin and it was lots of fun to stare at him. ^__^ The whole band was in a really good mood. I wasn't close enough to see anyone except Mr Martin; sometimes Stuart would pop out from behind the keyboard to play bass, and then I'd watch him, and JB was occaisonally visible standing up behind his drum kit. Mr Martin was easier to see. Nice guitar!! They played an encore with 'Save Me' and a medly of 'Paint It Black' inserted into the middle that was down-right SPOOKY and cool.

I love those boys. :) Whether I'm ten feet away like last year at Red's, or a hundred metres off like this time, they are incredible. I can just FEEL the emotion and passion pouring into the music. The music is a live thing when they play. That's why I love 'em. :)

Friday, July 13, 2001
05:19 p.m.

Brain-wave! I remember commenting sometime in the Archived Entries on an interesting idea for Skikardi: how some words don't translate literally? My previous idea revolved around the word 'god' or 'goddess'- I mean, how do we know if when other people speak of their gods, they're not talking about cows or their kings and not an unseen spiritual idea? This brainstorm revolves around the word 'anarchist'. I've always had this idea about anarchists in the story since Skikardi starts out as an anarchist society. But what if these people were more than just political movers and shakers, what if they were 'political theologians', like preists (kind of) who go about instructing in the way of anarchy, which would mean instructing in how to meet your own needs without hurting others, WITHOUT a government.

Anyway my brain's too fried to totally write out the idea right now. Stage 13's on tomorrow featuring the TEA PARTY and Collective Soul. But... THE TEA PARTY!! Boo yah. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2001
05:09 p.m.

Well hey, I can put PICTURES up here! Below is a frightening sight, a vision of Yours Truly in full funky raver gear, including über-baggy pants and a fuzzy purse that suspiciously resembles Trance's fuzzy purse from Andromeda...

And something I doodled at work when it wasn't busy, a sketchy of Ginny Weasly from of course Harry Potter with that nasty diary and wearing a very unhappy look. I drew her face first before deciding that it would be Ginny so I thought maybe she's telling Harry the full story of her involvement with the diary in the Chamber of Secrets..

Hey this is neat. i can post pictures I normally wouldn't put on my page. All the sketchy stuff and insane doodles. Rock on! :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
04:13 p.m.

Mmmm... Bob Marley: ultimate relaxation music. :) I gave blood today. Relaxation needed; since I'm small and they take a set amount of blood, proportionate to everyone else they take more out of me. So I get more cookies. ^__^

Canadian Blood Services just loves me cuz I've got a rare blood type (AB) so every 56 days they call me for an appointment. Today the nurse who was doing the procedure (rub your arm with alcohol, stick a shovel-sized needle halfway up your elbow) told me that not only is AB the least-common blood-type, but its also the most recently evolved. What? I thought blood types just depended on your parentage and that the reason some were more prevalent than others was because the gene for O or B is dominant over the A or AB gene (yay for biology 30 genetics unit). Not so, says the nurse. AB is an evolution of blood content. Weird! So the reason only 3% of the population has AB type blood is because it's new and hasn't managed to spread itself around as much yet?! And also AB has the least dominant gene. Cool! I'm a freak. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
04:33 p.m.

A guy selling carpet-cleaning powder came to the house. I was about to tell him our entire house is either hardwood or lino but he hastily excused himself before I could finish politely. I couldn't figure out why he was so eager to leave until I closed the door and realized that I was still wearing the dagger on my belt.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
03:55 p.m.

If I lived in an equatorial place, I would never get any work done. :P Heat stalls my brain. It's HOT. Dead on 30 degrees (Celsius). Hot like: I did my laundry, hung it out about half an hour ago and it's BONE DRY!! Ack!

Working on my 'Selfishness & Pursuit of Divinity' thought. I have so many ideas for this. Fun! ^__^ And I just realized that my web-page has been driving me crazy... I feel COMPELLED to have something new and spectacular up EVERY WEEK and feel down when I don't meet that unattainable goal. :( Sheesh. So I'll be updating when I have STUFF, not when I THINK I should have stuff. :) This makes me happy. Perversely, there will now be MORE stuff.

Ooooh, I love this essay. There's so much possibility. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
02:43 p.m.

I'm wearing my dagger around the house. It's cool, because I'm alone here now, my family is Elsewhere and I can get used to the little idiosynchrsies and extra weight on my hip without making an ass of myself in front of anyone other than Rega (my dog). ^__^ The way I figure it, since I write fantasy where folks go about their daily lives wearing daggers and swords like clothes, I ought to know what it's like. So far I've discovered its more comfortable to wear it around my waist than around my hips. (I've got it attached to a belt now). With the belt around my waist, the weight of the knife rests on my hips which can support it effortlessly.

I must look kinda peculiar wearing a tank top and overalls and a slender ornate dagger... Eh. My neighbors don't even bother to ask anymore. ^__^

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
01:15 p.m.

I bought a dagger. :) I got it from this place in West Ed called Millenium which, according to the sign, has only three locations world-wide: Edmonton, Vancouver and Honolulu. Odd combination.

The blade is about ten inches long, fluted and jagged and fairly wicked looking. The hilt and sheath are both rather cheap and shoddy, some kind of faux antique brass alloy from a mold clumsily melted toegether so that the pattern on it has blank places at the edges. It's rather pretty though, even up close; it's obviously only for show. But blade is good, well-made from stainless steel and keeps a fine edge. I like it. :)

I've always wanted a dagger or a sword. Swords are too expensive for me right now, but the dagger is cool. It's nicely balanced and not too heavy for my wimpy wrists to fling around with ease. :) Now I've gotta find somewhere to put it. :P I need more shelves and stuff in my room.

Saturday, July 7, 2001
02:38 p.m.

We got temporary tattoos today at work. The mall which Winners is in is doing this extended Canada Day sidewalk sale dealy with the horrific slogan 'Canada Kicks Butt!' : P Sounds better as 'Canada Kicks Ass!' but... semantics prevent it. So we got little tattos that say that with a little maple leaf and Jayne made us all wear them. ^__^ Boss-sanctioned tattooing! Almost makes her violent pregnant-lady mood swings bearable. *eep* She found out yesterday that it'll be a boy, so she asked us to write name suggestions on the whiteboard in the staff lounge. Heh. Among the best so far: Ezekiel, Billy-Bob and Thor. ^__^ She was thinking of calling him Fisher, which is cool, but decided not to seeing as her other son is called Hunter... I suggested Pax, Mars and Isolder (which is really a chick name but hey, its nice!). If I were to ever have kids, they'd have embarassing names. : D

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