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Saturday, November 24, 2001
03:17 p.m.

Oh bother, there goes my show. :(

So I finally find a reason to glue myself to a television once a week again, find a group of ingeneous and friendly folks to obsess with and then the big They have to GO AND RUIN THE WHOLE FUCKING THING! More action oriented, less personal drama? Well SCREW YOU ALL!!! First Trance's tail, now THIS. What's happening? Where's my goddamn dose of utopia? Who can I blame and where can I find them? DAMMNIT!! It's like everytime something good, with the prospect of being wonderful comes into my life, some meddling outside force has to go and bugger it up! Screw you Tribune and your hunger for ratings, screw you Warner Bros. for sins unspeakable, screw you greedy, mainstream, mindless, weak, pathetic, sugar-coated, status quo bastards!!!

In other news, it's snowing and that damn practical exam was a whole lot harder than I anticipated. But you know what, I'm a bit better off than some people: for me, there will always be Skikardi. Waitasec- maybe for YOU there can be too... Defy the status quo and the editors whims! Stand up against the standard eighth grade writing level! Raise your voice for truth, beauty and magic! AND SOMEONE FIND ME SOME CONSTANT INTERNET ACCESS BEFORE I KILL SOMETHING!!

Current Mood: Should be fairly obvious.
Current Music: Well I have 'When Love Comes to Town' (or whatever it's called) stuck in my head...

Friday, November 23, 2001
12:49 p.m.

According to the goth test at, I am 62% goth. This number would have been much lower if they hadn't asked so mayn questions about dog collars, boots and whether or not I find guys in dresses sexy. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
12:26 p.m.

Good lord, it's been so long since I last logged in here I nearly forgot my password. But I didn't! (Obviously.)

Unfortunately, I have to leave the ranting (and okay, a bit of raving too) about the Harry Potter movie until Noema has seen it... We had a bit of a communication breakdown that night and Asche and I ended up going without her which was, I admit, totally sacreligious. Interestingly enough, my bro (that infernal whelp responsible for my current lack of household internet access) came along with us. Well, he drove us and then decided to come in as well. And lo and behold, he actualy LIKED it! I've been pressuring him for months to read the gosh-darn books, but he hasn't caved. Now, he's on the verge. Mwahahahaha. My powers are still intact. ;)

Oh yes, and it's that time of year again: the stressful one, where students suddenly throw fits of hysterical frustration in the halls and repeatedly jump up and down on hated textbooks. Yes, it's exam time. Joy oh joy. This thursday is my last Psychology class (hallelujah!) and on Saturday- yes, SATURDAY- I have the practical part of my Biology final. (According to my insane bio prof, no day is sacred at Grant MacEwan Community College. He apparently had an exam on Dec 23rd once.) Next week it's Psych final (all I want to do is pass, please let me pass, I'll be really really good, I promise, swear on a stack of taped Andromeda eps...), History mid-term (one of those courses where I goof off all class and still get an A- I don't deserve) and an English mid-term (which is just like the History class, but I use a bigger shovel). Speaking of English class, I got 80 on my essay on Pride & Prejudice, which I do believe I deserved because I quite liked the book and put an iota of effort into the writing of the essay.

WTF? Why won't this damn machine let me log into my addy? Oh yeah, one of WebBox's planned outages. Yippee. Just when I needed to contact that History study group. :P Well snoot.

Guess I'll be off to trounce my credit card again. :) Maybe this whole Internet-less thing was really a message from god that my poor MasterCard can't take much more abuse.

Current Mood: Positive
Current Music: KMFDM remix of 'The Bad Touch' by the Bloodhound Gang. Ah shut up, it has a good beat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
02:50 p.m.

I've comandeered Noema's computer for a couple hours! Oh sweet internet how I have MISSED you!!

Okay, why oh why doesn't the Andromeda store ship to Canada? They claim irreconsilable shipping differences or something along those lines in a more coherant form, but FOR THE LOVE OF TYR, I want a t-shirt!!! Anyone out there in the grand ol' US of A want to be my middleman? (And Noema's too, cuz I think I'll get her one for Xmas...) Please help! We're devoted worshippers at the Cult of Androemda! All we want is a way to proclaim our devotion! Ahem. now to serious business...

I got two bucks riding on the fact that the Harry Potter movie won't measure up to the glory of my imagination (ie. the book). Then again, what does? Okay, nevermind, you don't want to know anyways. :) Certain OTHER PEOPLE think it will be great and magnificent and all that stuff... we'll just have to wait and see. Going Saturday, hope to have review up for update on December 2nd... hope I can make it that long without maiming a Telus employee, or my brother...

Current Mood: Spazzing
Current Music: Mysterious squeaking noise in Noema's walls... origin unknown.

Friday, November 9, 2001
01:26 p.m.

YAAAAAAHH!!! I finally got back on the net! Unforuntaely, not at home. I'm using the college's resources but still! It's been so long.

Yesterday at work I found out that a lady I met once way back when I first got hired at Winners died on one of the flights that hit to World Trade Center. She worked for Winners, was one of the national big-cheese people and was in inspecting the store or something when I met her. I was totally shocked by this discovery. I knew that the company lost eleven people on the same flight, but I didn't think I knew any of them since they were all WMI Higher-Ups and came from Toronto.

I'm back working on Skikardi now and, almost as much fun, working on the web-page for it! Really, it is fun. I love talking about my world. :) It's not perfect, but it's mine.

Current Music: 'Fear of the Dark' (live), by IRON MAIDEN
Current Mood: Hungry.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
12:27 p.m.

Okay, Grant Mac's idiot servers being the agonizingly slow and picky bastards they are, they just ate the deeply intellectual post I was GOING to do. *snort* I'm NOT happy!!! But maybe it was for the better... some great power is trying to tell me I wasn't supposed to post that. Yeah freakin' right. Ren and Stimpy hate me. (Those are the servers names.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
12:15 p.m.

I think I just failed a psychology exam. I blame my own lazy ass and the fact my prof has this nasty habit of asking the most obscure, nit-picking questions possible. Which, I suppose if I knew what I was doing, I could answer. Do I know what I'm doing? Rarely. Heck, I hardly know who I am anymore. I define myself by material things, obsessions and my hobbies. What else is there? I'm not religious, bearly spiritual, and find that the more I discover about myself, the less there is to me. In a way, I suppose that's true for every one since we are not infinite beings; there will always be 'boundaries' (thanks for the word, Nox) to humans but for some reason, I never thought I had any. Then I look at Cel and see a person without boundaries: her mind is so totally abstract and alien and I find myself incrediblly jealous because she is so unique and different and those are the things I always tried to be, but she is without effort.
Current Mood: Defeated
Current Music: 'Weißes Fleisch', Ramms+ein

Thursday, October 25, 2001
02:29 p.m.

Stress meter: needle rising steadily. If I quit my job, dumped all my friends and stopped drawing, painting and writing altogether, I would be an excellent student. However, the likelihood of I doing any of that is nil. It appears my journey through post-secondary schooling is going to be longer than average but extremely fulfilling. I'm finally coming to terms with what school means. It's kinda cool! But, my learning abilities and attention span being what they are, four classes per semester (rather than the regular five), is the aboslute MOST I can handle. I would be much happier with three. And probably better rested, less stressed and more successful at them. So I'll do that and simply stretch my post-secondary experience out a little longer. I'll still be learning, but not only that, I'll also be living too. You only go around once, might as well make the most of it, eh?
Current Mood: Contented
Current Music: Sounds like 'With or Without You' by U2.... I can hear it through the floor. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
12:28 p.m.

Mutter Nature is fast making up for all the snickering we did last winter about the Newfies and their 6 metres of snow. It started snowing yesterday morning and hasn't let up since. It isn't particularly cold yet, but it's wet, sticky blobs of snow, good for snowballs, snowmen, snowforts and turning into slush on roads. The average speed limit has dropped from the normal 10-over-posted to the cautious wintery 20-under-posted. Nevertheless, the bus went sliding around a couple corners this morning and I'm now resigned to wearing headband, scarf and mittens for another half-year. I don't hate snow persay, I just find it very inconvienient.

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: None, other than the Geri Halliwell song stuck in my head...

Thursday, October 18, 2001
10:53 a.m.

Through a number of events, I have come to the conclusion that for me to acheive according to the standards of modern society, all I have to do is not give a shit. Take for instance my gaining employment at Winners, so many moons ago. I had been looking for a job for months and couldn't find one and was totally at the end of my rope. So instead of getting all gussied up and being overly polite, I went into my interview dressed in paint-splattered frayed cargo pants and simply told my interviewers exactly what I could offer them and why I wanted the job. They called me back not three hours later and gave me the job.

So when my History prof stands up in front of the class, holding an armload of our mid-term exams (all essay questions, no multiple choice!) and I know full well that I neither studied nor intended to do well, I am probably in a lot of trouble.

Then he imparted to us that there was no such thing as an in-between grade. You either aced it, or you flunked it. Immediatly, my History Posse started talking all at once and just as I was voicing my certainty that upon receiving my grade, my History career would be officially buried, our beloved Prof handed back the exam of the Posse's number one most knowledgeable history geek. His name's John. He can tell you anything history. It's his geekdom, his thing. He's like a walking textbook, only he's interesting. He got a D-. He failed. I, on the other hand, caring nothing about History, or the exam, was handed back an A-.

There is no justice in this world.

Current Mood: Aggravated
Current Music: 'Wilder Wein', Rammstein

Wednesday, October 17, 2001
10:21 p.m.

Nevermind. The lure of Livejournal's animated kitties isn't cancelled out by the inflexibility of it's style. So at we shall stay. :)

Licensed renewed, I will now open fire on our short-sighted, money-grubbing new mayor and his evil scheme to build a freeway through marshland recognized by the United Nations as an integral wildlife breeding and migration area. Why do we need a freeway? Why, it's so all the impatient commuters can get into Edmonton faster in the morning since there's so much bloody traffic on Highway 2 everyday at rush hour! Here's my solution, you ignorant, lazy buggers: take the bus, carpool. It's you all alone in your freakin' SUV that's creating such a heavy volume of traffic, y'know. Oh, I'm sorry, pardon me- the freeway won't be THROUGH the marshland (that must just be me exaggerating the importance of the issue, my SINCEREST apologies) no, not THROUGH, but 300 metres away from, which makes it all better and sparkly clean. Yeah, 300 metres makes a whole bloody lot of difference, when there'll be salt and road gravel tossed off by the cars during the winter, which will then leech into the lake and if you want to know what salt does to aquatic habitats over a period of time, go look at the Dead Sea. Please! 300 metres. And it's not like the municipal government wasn't given a petition signed by 22,000 concerned residents about four years ago, effectively tossing the idea. But no- Mr. Richard- Owns A Business, Wants To Increase It, Let's Have a Big Flashy New Expensive Freakin' Road- Plain considers not the petition nor the environmental impact, only the prospect of moving one-peon-per-car from their sprawling suburban palaces to their redundant monotonous jobs JUST A LITTLE FASTER a much better plan. Ya, I got news for you buddy: I didn't vote for you, I don't like you and *I* just happen to know exactly what kind of underwear your wife buys you because she keeps coming through my till! Ha! That and now you've made me really mad and an angry, informed, passive anarchist is capable of coming up with much more effective and humiliating plans against you than an angry violent anarchist. Passivity breeds creativity. Ignorance and indifference only breed revolution.

Oh my. I've been ranting. Dear me!

Current Mood: Frustrated
Current Music: 'Closer', by Nine Inch Nails

Monday, October 15, 2001
09:37 p.m.

It's ugly, it's yellow! Go see for yourself!

In other news, my room is really distracting and I hate my history essay. I can't force myself to write a decent essay, but I know that if I don't my prof is going to be much less liberal with the grades... Instead I'm compromising (and procrastinating) and writing a horribly debilitating critque of the book outling just how much I thought it sucked... Very positive, ne?

Monday, October 15, 2001
05:46 p.m.

Just renewed my license to bitch about the state of municipal politics! (Translation: I voted.) I'll be so glad to see all those damn election signs begone from the roadsides...

And somewhere near the top of my List of Things I'd Rather Not Do... MY HISTORY ESSAY!! Yeah! Ah yes, for those of you who actually read this section of my web-page, please be advised that I've decided (on no poking, prodding, threatening, or black-mailing of Noema) to move my random thoughts to livejournal. It has animated kitties. :)

Monday, October 15, 2001
03:53 p.m.


...Which means we two have known each other for TEN YEARS. Half my life! Half yours! Good lord, that's a long time. No wonder people always tell us we act like a married couple... :)

Thursday, October 11, 2001
09:02 p.m.

Where the heck is my family?!? For that matter, where the heck is my couch?!! They both have disappeared without a trace. Hmmm. Time to vaccuum the floor and crank up the music. (My glass is half full!)